Words by Ani Hajderaj / Photos by Katherine Kwan


If you were in Toronto during the Canada Day weekend you know well it was a massive party hub. World Pride and Digital Dreams where happening all at once, it’s safe to say Toronto needed a break and most did not get their day off on the Monday, luckily Electric Island was happening on Canada Day for those who couldn’t get enough!


The second edition of Electric Island this summer featured DJ Tennis, Dixon and The Martinez Brothers. All three acts played a great selection of house music that appealed to the whole crowd in attendance. The event had a very relaxed atmosphere about it which was great considering everyone was partying throughout the whole weekend prior to the event. Some DJs that performed at Pride and Digital Dreams came out to check out the event as well! The music was perfect for the occasion; mellow enough for attendees to relax but danceable enough for those with lots of energy to get taken away by it.

A main difference from this edition of the event was the addition of platforms for acrobatic dancers and also ping pong tables with black lights. The event is becoming more of a spectacle which is great news for techno and house music lovers in Toronto. The Bacon Nation food truck was a hit, I Love Churros also made an appearance at the island.

Prior to the event weather reports had indicated there was a chance of thunderstorm to hit the city, but the weather pulled through and everyone made it out of Centre Island dry!

Music on the next edition of Electric Island on August 4 will be courtesy of Seth Troxler, Maya Jane Coles, Bob Moses, My Favorite Robot, Nitin and Koki.