by Nilabjo Banerjee
Maylee Todd is a blogger’s nightmare. Genre classification doesn’t work with her music. Listen to her last release Escapalogy and you will know what I mean. Todd is all over the spectrum covering genres like soul, indie-pop, jazz and the list goes on. The delightful Toronto’s own will be playing June 7, Day 1 of Field Trip! Check out our interview, as we talked about keeping it real, showing Bjork around Toronto and taking a selfie with NDG.

How has the day been so far? Are you on a beach getting a tan somewhere?
Great day! I am in a fake beach in my mind, where I am sitting in a million dollars, and 4 good-looking people are massaging each limb.

That’s a great imagery. Perhaps a future cover art for a future album.
Yeah! Absolutely.

So, it is clear, especially from your Instagram and Twitter pics, you are great at keeping it real. How do you do it?
I guess..being honest is way better than pretending to be cool. Does that make sense? Being real for me, is just being honest.

Is that being honest with your music or being open in general?
I feel both. Whatever I am into, I am pretty public about it. With music and in life, just being honest is an easier way for me to live.

Was that always the case?
With age and experience, it’s become more important in terms of living a stress-free life. Instead of lying about something or being ashamed about something, those types of stresses are unnecessary that cause conflict in relationships.

It is an odd paradox to hear you say words like ‘mature’ and ‘experience’, given everything about you is so youthful and high energy.
You know what? I like that you say that. Its brilliant. Now, you have just put a spin on a different way to live. The expectation of being mature comes along with sort of rules or category. You’ve just defined a different way to live, which is awesome!

You have this amazing free spirit about you, which comes across in the music and the performance on stage. Do you ever have self-doubts?
Oh my gosh! Every moment of my life! ‘What if I am not good enough’ or ‘are these even real songs’. It’s not like, ‘I get to do what I want’ [in a snobby childish voice].

The doubts aren’t certainly as strong as they used to be. The monkey on my back or voice in my head is still there though. But I always ask the same ol question: what’s a cooler way for me to live? Do I wanna be afraid of being judged? I feel like society has conditioned us into a conventional way to live. You do one thing and that is what you are. It’s all good, but everyone is creative. To explore all these things is how you play this game called life. I enjoy the process. So, either be afraid and have self-doubts and see how far that gets you OR just go for it and see what happens? Worst-case scenario? You aren’t very good. No one cares. You are just making music.

You have a very philosophical approach to life. If you were to write a self-help book, what would be the title? 
Get’er going you old goat!

That is a fantastic. The book would be a bestseller based on the title itself.
Now that we are on the subject, the book also will come with a hoof. Every time you turn a page, you have to use the hoof instead of your hands.

You are a huge fan of Bjork. You get a day with her, and she wants you to show her the city in the summer. What’s on the itinerary?
That’s a tall order. Is she really enthused about going and seeing stuff? If not, then I’d say lets do mushroom and go on the Hippo Bus that goes on water. You know what? We go to the island and hang out with Manuel (Hamlet point). He has transported his portable, attached a school bus to it and pimped the whole thing out into this cool hang out zone. So, we can just go there, drink wine and hang out with Manuel

And then do mushrooms and go on the Hippo bus?
Yes! Then do interpretive dance. No music! Just me doing Sarah McLaughlin and all her albums in accapella medley. The dance would have lot of hand gestures. Bjork might be very disappointed with all of this.

I don’t think so. I think she would be down for it! She might just fly out to Toronto to live this out.
And we will end the evening by me making her a bed of Smarties and then blowing a feather on her face and that’s how she will fall asleep.

If you could take a selfie with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
Selfie with anybody? Neil DeGrass Tyson! I love him! So enthused and obviously intelligent.