by Ani Hajderaj


Centre Island was turned into a dance floor on Victoria Day and it was a huge success.

The weather teased the crowd with its bipolar nature but it pulled through with only a few droplets of rain and very little cold wind coming through the grounds. The service getting in was quick and seamless. The VIP section included a lounge with couches and phone charging stations which was helpful. One of the sponsors, Strongbow handed out free apples to the audience which gave everyone more energy for the event!


All the local talent set the mood and kept things light until Daniel Avery played a groovy set. The turnout was tremendous as the event has grown since last summer when it first launched. Mano Le Tough took over the stage where things got more intense with harder beats and even more people showed up to the event.

The most anticipated DJ of the event was Sven Väth, who hasn’t played a set in Toronto in over a decade. He spun a vinyl set full of hard hitting techno which fit the setting really well. He was playing during the sunset making it for a great atmosphere on the grounds.

This series of events will go on for a long time, without a doubt they are delivering a fresh and unique experience to electronic music lovers of Toronto. The after movie came out shortly after the event which is a rarity! Good work Way of Acting. The next Electric Island will happen on July 1 with Dixon, The Martinez Brothers and Henrik Schwarz. For more info check out the event page here: