[Album Review] Ought- More Than Any Other Day
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: April 29th, 2014
Label: Constellation Records

Ought is the latest Constellation Records signing and with their debut album More Than Any Other Day, they show that they are well deserving of a spot on a great roster.

The band came together at McGill in 2012, during the student protests on tuition hikes. Though they don’t really sing about that on this record, the punk sound and the idea of freely expressing opinions is a theme that runs throughout. Their style faintly reminds me of Cleveland Ohio’s Cloud Nothings of which I am a huge fan. The opener “Pleasant Heart” breaks into a distressful scream.

“Today More Than Any Other Day” is a spoken word song where Tim Beeler’s vocals becomes playfully hopeful as he enjoys freedom including the ability to choose between whole and 2% milk. He eventually does say that we’re “all the fuckin’ same” at the end. “Habit” borders on being a regular ballad, only to be differentiated by a spoken beginning and purpose breaths. However Beeler wants to express himself we follow, and the ability to freely express oneself is the addictive habit the song sings about.

Impressive also is the band’s ability to experiment, while also implementing the right hooks to keep the listener interested. Just when the listener thinks they have their “style” figured out, they throw something new at you. “The Weather Song” sounds like a 60s-inspired surf-rock tune. “Forgiveness” employs a droney violin/bass line as Beeler sings “forgiveness is a drug that you take with a shrug.”

The most attention grabbing of the entire album is “Around Again” which I am personally obsessed with. The funky basslines and the continuous bursts of energy from Tim Keen’s drumming balance the easy-going verses and are just so good. Not to mention Beeler’s sneering vocals.

The band chooses to end the 8-song album with a bang “Gemini” reaffirming one’s own personal rights with “I retain the right to be disgusted by life” a line that rings thoroughly to those all out there standing up for something, anything. Ought chose not to make this about one particular event but let it hopefully ring through for generations, in an album that may be one of the coolest this year.