[Album Review] Gold Zebra- Gold Zebra
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: April 22nd, 2014

It’s always terrible when hearts are broken, but Gold Zebra turned this into a beauty of an electronic record.

The album begins with a one minute intro that mirrors the loneliness and confusion of the moments post-breakup.“Another sleepless night, another broken heart, this burning desire, and I miss you” Julie sings in “Drift Away”. She then chooses to whisper to herself in French along the same lines. Her collaborator JP Richard takes reigns of the synths which are quite dreamy and delicious.

“Back in the Dust” is about sadness and dissatisfaction which Julie takes her time telling you. Richard somehow twists the tune into something album club and dance-worthy. I enjoy the bilingualism of the entire album and it’s done effortlessly.  “Everything Beautiful is Transient” is a sparkly and happy sounding instrumental that has come to terms with life but then “Invisible Disorder” continues to be bitter about the doomed relationship. I love the mysterious darkness the addition of French can add in “Love, French, Better” but I find the following “Interlude” unnecessary.

In “When Words Fail” Julie sings “Your shadow is fading away, I feel so strong, now I move on” and the feelings of ache have now been resolved before heading to the “Outro” of gentle noises that dissipate into nothing. The albums theme was both its strength and shortfall, the result was something that doesn’t give too much variation throughout but tells a unified story from beginning to end.