by Nilabjo Banerjee
The Aussie BBQ presented by Sounds Australia showcased a mix of upcoming and veteran Australian acts across different genres. Overall, the music and the crowd was phenomenal.

Mia Dyson’s set was criminally short considering her breadth of material dating back to hits from 2003 debut Cold Water. Regardless, the gorgeous husky voiced bluesy songstress played through, wasting no time with banter. The outstanding live sound of the backing band was a sonic delight. An established act back home, Dyson has yet to break through this side of the world despite having opened for Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak. I think the West is ready for Mia.

The Brisbane-based indie-pop band Cub Sport trumped initial balancing issues, as they dove into medley full of Destiny’s Child and Beyonce covers. That got the ones seated in the back to get up and move. The poppy infectious melodies and the sheepish energy of the band was an odd contrast. But, the band melted few hearts as babyfaced frontman Tim Nelson announced that the last song, “Evie” is about his dog. Cue the “awws”!

King Gizzard? Now that seems like a name you come up with when you are getting high in the basement with your buds. (not speaking from personal experience). The Melbourne collective got things loud and psychedelic by embodying 70’s rock n’ roll through their carefree sprit and 10 minute songs. I wish I had the hair (or any hair) to headbang with them.

“Its been a great gig so far, but things are gonna escalate,” promised Tim Rogers, the legendary frontman of You Am I. The band, playing this as a warm up gig before the 1 am gig at Bovine later that night, played through all the hits dating back to 1993’s ‘Berlin Chair’. Rogers might be the last man in rock who best personifies the sex-laden charm of rock gods from yesteryears. Is the mancrushing too obvious?