by Nilabjo Banerjee
Big festivals not only attract the big names, but also provide space for smaller obscure acts, who might unexpectedly turn out to be a gem. That was Laura & Greg. The Brooklyn duo played a stripped down melodic set that had an exquisite blend of boy-girl harmonies and soothing guitar fingerpicking. The songs would make a great soundtrack to a stroll on a sunny day. The two-piece are a TV/movie soundtrack placement from rising up the ranks of indie music credibility.

I had seen a short set by the Aussie singer/songwriter, Hein Cooper earlier in the week @ Sound Australia showcase at The Marriot. Playing to a much quieter crowd this time, Cooper’s crooning falsettos and resonating tenor tones drew whispers of “holy shit, he is good!”. His looping and beatboxing skills, akin to Ed Sheeran, further displayed Cooper’s musicality and creativity. A full length set to be released later this year, get familiar with Hein Cooper now before his meteoric rise.