by Tiana Feng
Odonis Odonis @ Wavelength 14 Day 2- Adelaide Hall 2/14/2014
Odonis Odonis’ Hard Boiled Soft Boiled finally comes out tomorrow! I talked to Denholm from the band about the 5 year old album and asked him what his favourite egg dish was.

What have you been up to?
Lot’s of stuff. We’re getting ready to go on tour and hang up loose ends.

Hard Boiled Soft Boiled is released tomorrow. What inspired you guys to write an album that was essentially two sides, a hard side and a soft side?
It’s kind of funny, with this album it was actually made almost five years ago. Dean made it on a whim. I think he was training himself. He went to this nice studio and recorded the album before he even had the idea of a band in his head. As far as his inspiration goes, I’m not too sure but he’s kind of one of those writers that has been skilled at being able to write really nice big pop songs, while being able to write really crushing, heavy dark songs. I think in this album he just wanted to cover the whole shebang in one go.

Influentially, all of us come from different walks of life musically. It kind of ended up summing up all of us more than we thought.

What’s it been like playing someone else’s songs?
It’s cool because the whole process is really different. Because the way it was recorded, he all these studio musicians we had to deconstruct the whole record and reconstruct it for a live scenario. That’s something that I don’t think any of us had ever done. It’s tough but it’s a totally new process learning how to do it.

So what’s coming out is the original?
Yah, it’s an album he made five years ago. It was remastered recently, but other than that and one new song on there, it was done five years ago.

That’s cool because it totally sounds like new Odonis Odonis and not something old and 5 years old.
It’s funny because I remember Pitchfork saying it sounded a lot like Metz, or at least that one of the songs did and we were like well it was made years before that record so kind of the opposite.

I swear to god when I first saw you guys play Hollandaze, there was a girl in the band. What happened to her?
She was actually Maddy Wilde from Moon King. She was in the band for like two weeks. It was really fun because we have a lot of songs, especially on this new album that involve female vocals. On this record it’s all Kathryn Calder from The New Pornographers. She wasn’t really available to do any touring. At the time we were just trying it to see what it would be like to have a fourth member. She ended up just being too busy and we really wanted to make it work as a three piece. Hopefully in the future we can involve that extra piece again. She’s still alive and well, just busy.

Hollandaze had visual projections like the album cover, will the shows for this album?
We find for every record, we readjust all of our projections just because Dean and Jarod are still involved with animation. They have the ability to change it up. It’s kind of fun to have different visual setups for every theme of the record.

What was the weirdest gig you have ever played?
Probably Regina, Saskatchewan. There was one guy there and he spent the whole time reading a local newspaper while we were playing. Then at the end of it he bought our record.

So he must’ve liked your show!
He liked it, it was just really disconnected and strange. Regina in general is like that. We asked locals what it was like there and they said it was murder. We played that show and got the hell out as quickly as possible.

What was your favourite city to play in (besides Toronto)?
For me it’s either Austin or Atlanta. I like Atlanta because it’s similar to Toronto but with a better hip-hop scene. Austin is in the centre of one of the most Republican dominant places in the States but it’s so left-wing, free and fun and super artsy.

Who’s idea was it to use animated versions of Hieronymous Bosch paintings in the video for “Order in the Court?”
I’m not sure if it was Dean’s or the guy that made the video, Lee Stringle. It’s funny, I didn’t know until now but I’ve seen a couple videos that actually involve the same paintings. There’s a Buckethead video that has the same paintings. I really thought we would be the first but I guess not.

Since the album is called Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, I thought I’d ask what’s your favourite egg dish?
Eggs Benedict.

Normal eggs benedict or specific one in a restaurant?
I usually go for an Eggs Florentine. Just eggs with Hollandaise sauce, that’s pretty much it. I’ll take that any time.