by Laura Feeney
Once again, Hunters was the place to be on Friday night – they really have an awesome lineup this year, as well as bartender Phil Gallant pulling a 120 hour shift in hopes of breaking a Guinness world record.
I started off my evening with the relaxed indie folk sounds of Fredericton’s Olympic Symphonium. Their bend of gentle harmonies and soothing double bass created a perfect day dreamy atmosphere. Their set featured tracks from their newest release, Chance to Fate, in CD order for the sake of continuity. Their mellow set was the perfect transition from my day job into the festival mode.

I made it back to Hunters just in time to catch RocketRocketShip of St. John’s Newfoundland. The set progressed from flat-out rock to a bouncier pop-rock with hints of electronic, which you can definitely hear in their single “Here’s to Us”. Chris Kirby, also of St. John’s, joined the group on stage for a spirited version of “Hey Black Widow”, another fun, upbeat tune to dance along to. I was impressed with the band’s chemistry and enthusiastic stage presence. They really got the crowd talking. All good things, of course.

Islanders love Jenn Grant. I mean, it’s hard not to, her charming stage presence and lovely vocals made her set of folk-pop tunes a perfect closing act. Her Hunters set featured several songs from her upcoming release, including the cheerful “Spades” and upbeat “Canadian Maple Growth”. And when Rose Cousins joined in to sing backup vocals for the slow, soulful “Hollywood” – the combination of two of my favourite voices was spectacular! Such a treat to finally see Jenn in concert. I look forward to her upcoming EP, Clairvoyant, to be released May 9th, 2014.