by Laura Feeney
I decided to venture to the Cape Breton stage for an hour on Friday night. The venue had just opened and the crowd, young and old, was in high spirits for a fun night ahead.
Kyle Mischieck opened up the stage with more energy than I’ve seen in a long time. Although his pop/rap music isn’t my regular scene, I grew to like the talented 16 year old. His songs were youthful and focused around topics close to a 16 year old’s heart: love, heart break, and partying. It was a pretty fun set and definitely great for a younger generation.

Pretty Archie was much easier for me to relate to. Harmonica solos, banjo strumming, and plenty of high-energy shouting gave them that strong east coast vibe that I adore. The country-folk quartet quickly had the audience tapping along. Their whole hearted enthusiasm was so captivating that their closing number, the bluesy “Can’t Get No Love”, came far too soon.