by Tiana Feng
Weaves @ Wavelength 14 Day 2- Adelaide Hall 2/14/2014

Happy EP release day to Weaves! I talked to Morgan Waters yesterday afternoon and he compared their music to blue cheese.

I was at Rattail’s last show at Steam Whistle brewery 2 years ago and I actually remembered seeing Sweet Thing when I volunteered at NXNE in 2011 (The Rivoli I think). What happened between then and the creation of Weaves?
I actually never saw Rattail, but I knew Jasmyn through a comedian friend. Then I saw her open for Dr. Ew of the Bicycles, who’s my roommate. She performed a solo set. I was looking for a collaborator and I asked if she was interested in demoing some stuff casually. It was more like “come over to my place and record some demos in garage band” and that’s basically what it still is.

Is there a type of sound you and Jasmyn are leaning more towards with Weaves?
I guess it’s the intersection where pop music meets something noisier, something a little more abrasive. I think that’s the sweet spot. When you can make something that sounds disgusting, but also is catchy.

Are there any particular influences?
Blue cheese. Because blue cheese is kind of disgusting but it’s also delicious. Yeah we’re inspired by blue cheese and olives. Musically, it’s hard to say. There’s so much stuff and it’s hard to say a couple artists because then that makes it seem like we’re inspired by those things. I think the idea is to be as open-minded as possible and do something new with guitars, and vocals and a band. Instead of being put forward as a rock band, because rock bands are kind of boring and we’re trying not to be.

At its core, I think it’s important we’re making pop music, verses and choruses, but within that you want to try to push and offer new flavour and do something different and exciting.

The videos for Buttercup and Motorcyle are pretty random and colourful to say the least, where did the ideas for those come about?
Both those videos were done by a guy named Jason Harvey, who’s a really talented guy. We just let him do his thing on those. It’s nice when you are collaborating with people and you know they have a strong voice of their own and you let them do their thing. Then we don’t have to worry about it.

Did you have any input on the crazy things that are in them?
Not really. When we were shooting the “Buttercup”, it was in front of a green screen. He was like to me, “Pretend you are a worm” and I was like “Okay, sure.” Then all of a sudden in the video there was a worm. I don’t think it was too thought out ahead of time. I mean I can’t speak for Jason but it’s a defining part of Weaves to not overthink it but you also want to have a respect for entertaining people.

I was at the Adelaide Hall show at Jasmyn is definitely an entertainer!
For sure and I like that. Particularly in the indie scene, front people and personalities are kind of brushed aside in favour of aesthetics and mood. With this band it’s kind of fun because Jasmyn has a fun personality and she unleashes it on stage. It’s exciting to have that sort of strong personality because it lets you get away with more genre jumping. It allows us to have more leeway to be expressive and all over the place. She’s totally committed to what she’s doing and it’s never with the intention of being weird, it’s just how it comes out sometimes. You can’t teach the concept of being in the moment and she just has that instinct and songs can be different from one to another.

Who made the Weaves website? I thought the buttercup was a bit phallic at first (or maybe I have a dirty mind). Was that intentional?
Jasmyn made the album art stuff and she sort of talked with the artist and the website designer. I think the phallic thing is intentional somewhat. I don’t know, I don’t want to speak for her but there’s something about a flower that’s beautiful but also kind of scary. I think that combination of sweet and scary comes back to blue cheese man. It’s mm creamy and delicious but then just downright nasty.

This interview is going to be about blue cheese. What do you like to pair with your blue cheese?
Do you know Raincoast Crisps? They’re like a fancy cracker or just steak.

Is there a particular producer you’d love to work with?
We were lucky enough to work with Dave Newfeld, who’s one of the best Canadian producers and has such a strong voice, vision and good taste in music. He’s not a snob, but super talented. He produced a couple songs on our EP “Buttercup” and “Closer”. With Newfled it’s almost like he is producing it but it’s also music lessons and artist lessons in a way. He knows his shit and he’s been making music for so long. That open mindedness and visibility to capture what happens in the moment and allow mistakes and encourage them brings you out of your comfort zone. Within Canada, Dave Newfeld is as good as it gets to me.

Is Weaves planning to release a full album anytime soon?
Well, we have the EP coming out (today). We have so many demos and it’s just a matter of writing more and putting together the best tunes we can. It’s a process of always pushing forward and trying to get better and write better songs and “define ourselves”. We’ve been lucky to have people interested in what we did in Garage Band and we basically want to keep doing that and getting better.

Weaves EP is now available via Buzz Records