[Album Review] Kevin Drew- Darlings
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: March 18th, 2014
Label: Arts & Crafts

Broken Social Scene co-founder Kevin Drew gets things warm and sensual in his second studio album Darlings.

Compared to his 2007 solo effort Spirit If…, this album is tighter. There are a lot less musical guests and the ones found here were previously a part of Broken Social Scene: Charles Spearin, Ochad Benchetrit, Dean Stone and Dave Hamelin. BSS fans yearning for new music might find it in Darlings.

Drew knows where his strengths are; in songwriting and arrangement. “Good Sex” is full of lust (in fact the video is of people getting down and dirty) but there’s a beauty in the way the song was written, the sparking guitar lines, repeating piano notes that makes it crazy radio friendly. Darlings is an album for steamy moments and late nights. It’s almost like he said to the band, “let’s make some music to have sex too”, and out came Darlings. “It’s Cool” takes it’s time but has lines like, “Reach our hand down below our waist, and give thanks to all we taste.” On the other hand, promiscuous sex finds its place in “Mexican Aftershow Party”.

Broken Social Scene-esque breakdowns occur in the single-friendly “First in Line” and “Bullshit Ballad”. The latter, not actually a ballad but an indie-rock breakdown that repeats the line “I heard you on the radio”. This song sort of recalls Forgiveness Rock Record’s “Meet Me in the Basement”. One of my favourite tunes is the expansive closer “And That’s All I Know” that is decorated by piano, drum machine, synths and more. Drew leaves us after a couple of yelps, perhaps lamenting after the one that got away.