[Album Review] Radio Radio- Ej Feel Zoo
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: March 18th, 2014
Label: Bonsound

If you take yourself too seriously, you probably wouldn’t like Radio Radio. The group raps in Chiac, a language that mixes Acadian French with structured English. Why would this even work? It just does and the group has been doing so since 2007, and 2010’s Belmundo Regal was even short-listed for the Polaris Prize. Now they are back again with Ej Feel Zoo, an album that feels like the listener hopped on some weird party bus.

Since Belmundo Regal, Alexandre Arthur Bilodeau left the group but the remaining duo made up for it with tracks built for a fun show.  Bilodeau (also known as Arthur Comeau), did produce Ej Feel Zoo however. The thing about Radio Radio is that you don’t really need to understand all the lyrics to have a good time. I’m kind of bilingual (English-French) but even I don’t know what’s going on at times. The thing with Chiac is that all the sentences sort of take on English structures. “50 Shades of Beige” parodies the popular book and has random lines like “Based on age, based on the coleur of my facebook page”. “Bachelor Party” raps at the end, “c’est la live sex party avec un sushi buffet”. The 23 second “Pasta Rasta” seems to actually rap out names of noodles. The whole album sounds like a good time, light spirited even when they’re singing about finishing their life in debt (“Dette”). It’s guaranteed by the end of “Dette” that you will know the chorus, even if you can’t entirely translate it.

Arrangement-wise, I felt there was a bit more variation in Belmundo Regal and Havre de Grace. After having seeing them, I think this was probably because they wanted to be able to recreate the entire album live, and without Comeau, so they opted for real instruments over too much electronics. One thing is guaranteed though, you will “feel zoo” or that you attended the strangest party of your life after listening to this album.