[Album Review] Wake Owl- The Private World of Paradise
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: March 4th, 2014
Label: Vagrant/Rezolute

Mr. Colyn Cameron – more known in the Canadian music landscape as Wake Owl- recently released his Private World of Paradise.

This time around he employed multi-instrumentalist Aiden Briscall, allowing room for even more creative arrangements compared to his Wild Country EP. “Candy” gives off a retro 70s psychedelic feel, while later in the album we get a more tribal and danceable version of the song in “Candy Return”. “Letters” employs strings in a moody tune that has the theme, “it’s never quite what it seems”. The following “Vacation” has an appropriately dreamy surf-pop vibe, though still slow moving. I know in paradise time might move slow, so you could enjoy each moment, but I find the first half of the album drags a little bit. Even Cameron questions this freedom of paradise in “Madness of Others” as he sings,“And I tell myself it’s good to feel so free/and I wanna find myself so free.” His confusion beautifully illustrated by a string session.

The Private World of Paradise is definitely a departure from Cameron’s acoustic past. However, what remains is his ability to craft heartfelt and believably emotional music.