by Nilabjo Banerjee

While Mother Nature was getting set for another bout of harsh winter to challenge the resilience of #wearewinter, rest of Toronto opted to pack into the Garrison to enjoy the Augustines.

The evening got off to a LOUD start, thanks to the Seattle-based duo My Goodness. Elevating the decibel level to 12 (fellas from Spinal Tip would be proud), the garage-rock pair of Joel Schneider (vocals/guitar) and Andy Lum (drums), with a touring bassist, did their best to remind the crowd that it was a fuckin rock’n roll show! Too bad, all they got in response was few head bobs and usual claps. The loudness, at times distracting, detracted from an otherwise solid set featuring drummer Lum’s Bonham-esque intensity as the highlight. Sincerely hope for the duo’s return to the city despite an apathetic response from those in the audience.

Life is good when you have a Fedora and a bottle of Jamieson right? At least that’s the philosophy Billy McCarthy chooses to abide by. The emotional Augustines frontman had nothing but love for Toronto all night. After all, this was their first headlining gig after being the second fiddle to Band of Skull and Frightened Rabit other times. The crowd reciprocated the love with sing-alongs to almost every song, regardless new or old. Touring behind the recent Self Titled release, the Seattle based trio gave the crowd its money’s worth (and more) with new favourites like ‘Cruel City’ and ‘Weary Eyes’ and even throwing in material from their former band Pela.

The night turned extra special as the exhausted trio jumped in the crowd for an impromptu acoustic set after a four-song encore. Moments like these cement fan loyalty. Given how many stuck around till the end, Augustines are welcome in this cruel city anytime!