[Album Review] Doomsquad- Kalaboogie
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: February 25th, 2014
Label: Hand Drawn Dracula

Doomsquad’s music is hard to describe in that it’s not what you’d expect out of traditional electronic music, but it still falls closest to that genre. In their debut, Kalaboogie, they take us to new worlds, soundscapes and experiences.

The underlying drone chant sound in the opener  “When the Dead Become Infants” resembles that of an initiation ceremony, as if Doomsquad is letting you into their secret cult. What’s cool is that everything transitions perfectly into the next thing. The initiation becomes a celebration in the following upbeat, “Head Spirit (for our Mechanical Time)”. This is all quite hypnotic as the listener gets sucked in through rhythms, and the building of different textures to leave you surprised at every corner.

“Disremember/Dismemberment” repeats “there’s something going on down here” which later grows into ghastly screams. It sounds like it should be the stuff of nightmares but the music is so hypnotizing. Despite sharing the common theme of being shrouded in darkness and mystery, the 9 tracks on Kalaboogie each present a somewhat different style. “Waka Waka” could almost be an alt-rock tune. Are there robotic beings in the title track “Kalaboogie”? Because that sounds like a robot overlord taking over the world. Whatever is “Born From the Marriage of the Moon & A Crocodile” must be the most epic baby by the sounds of it. “Eternal Return” and “Ovoo” transport us back to the normal world. In the latter, we get the most audible vocals, organic flutes to guide our descent back to reality, though I wouldn’t mind being trapped in Kalaboogie forever.