[Album Review] Kalle Mattson- Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date February 11th, 2014
Label: Parliament of Trees

I thought I wouldn’t find another album as human and full of heart as Evening Hymns’ Spectral Dusk ever again. That is until I finally sat down to listen to Kalle Mattson’s Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold.

Coincidentally, the time of this writing, falls close to the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. Within that same year, grandmother through sorrow suffered a stroke and the left side of her body remains paralyzed. However, she remains hopeful that she will be able to walk again and continues to live each day as a lively person. This is the kind of loss and hope that Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold illustrates.

There’s a very clear maturation between STMWBG, Anchors and his debut Whisper Bee. The songs are more focused, arrangements more complex. Horns are put in appropriate places to add emotional arousal rather than for the sake of making a cool arrangement. In “Darkness” horns provide a glimmer of light.  It’s not all gloomy, “Sound & Fury (A Dream Within A Dream)” picks up the pace with an upbeat tale. The following “Hurt People Hurt People” almost makes a perfect alt-pop radio single.

We get back down to earth with “Eyes Speak” which deals with moving on while reflecting on all the events that got us where we are. Musically, it moves from acoustic guitar and voice to chorus that includes rich percussion, horns and later a harmonica.

In the closing tune “Amelie” Mattson chose to include a blooper, maybe to illustrate that it was all done in one take. Just a man and his guitar singing about a lost loved one. The song leaves us pensive, at the album’s end, to go call and hug our loved ones. Someday, the moon really might be gold, but that’s useless if there aren’t people around to share it with.