[Album Review] Monogrenade- Composite
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: February 4th, 2014
Label: Bonsound

Montreal French orchestral-pop group, Monogrenade recently released their sophomore album Composite which may be one of my favourite albums so far this year.

Instrumental guests include Pietro Amato (of Bell Orchestre, the Luyas and sometimes Arcade Fire), Mommies on the Run arranging string parts and singer Marie-Pierre Arthur, who I think I confused for Coeur de Pirate in “Labyrinthes”.  The music is expansive, giving it the feel of galacticness, like their album cover. There’s evident influence of electropop music but it never delves too far in that direction, allowing the music to remain rich and full of sound. Even in the futuristic “Métropolis”, we hear synths and beeps dance alongside a beautiful string accompaniment. The finale is the rumbling “Le Fantome” which chillfully tells the tale of how easily it is forget the past. At 4 minutes, it breaks into a beautiful string solo accompanied by percussive slaps and piano. It gets even more epic as the piano and percussion rumble faster until it dissipates into single stars floating in space and there’s something magical about the eventual silence as the album comes to a conclusion.

In Composite, Monogrenade takes you into the future, while reassuring you that there will be still humans in it.