[Album Review] Maica Mia- des era
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: January 28th, 2014
Label: Independent

If you’re a GY!BE fan, bassist Mauro Pezzente also plays in female-fronted post-rock group Maica Mia, who just released their sophomore effort des era.

It wasn’t until des era that Maica Armata and Jonny Paradise recruited Pezzente. Like GY!BE, the album tracks clock in on the longer side of things. There are only five tracks but it totals around 40 minutes. There’s a very live-off-the-floor quality to the recording. In “eugene” the drums get busy but they never come to the forefront. Instead it is buried by the repeating guitar power cards. The sound of Armata’s voice reminds me of Bjork, if Bjork were to make 20min post-rock songs. “wish” allows the drums and guitar to play equal part, equally pulsing at times to create drama.

If you like your songs in conventional song structure, than this album isn’t for you. It’s sort of unpredictable at every corner. One second there are Armata’s crooning vocals, the next an organ and guitar dual-off. The highlight of the album is 12-minute “neH2ble”. It’s pensive, dramatic and hopeful. It’s like the part in the movie where everyone’s waiting for the protagonist to make it out alive and then you see them walking through the smoke and rubble.

Despite some great moments, des era, does happen to be on the heavier side and tends to drag for a bit. I don’t think it’s really meant for active listening as much as it is to create an atmosphere for a contemplative day.