[Album Review] Mode Moderne- Occult Delight
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: January 21st, 2014
Label: Light Organ Records

Vancouver dark-pop band Mode Moderne is bound to draw some Joy Division and New Order comparisons with their sophomore effort Occult Delight.

There’s a darkness about it that is done in such an 80s-way that I couldn’t not make that comparison. It could fit right into the scene of Manchester, UK during that time. Phil Intile’s vocals are distinct, clouding the music in shadows even in tunes with the brightest melodies, which strangely includes “Thieving Babies’ Breath”. Mixed in are the occasional alt-indie guitar cliche lines but done in moderation so that it’s not overdone (“Strangle The Shadows”, “Grudges Crossed”). The relatively short track times helps too. “Unburden Yourself” uses female harmonies to reinforce the depressing line, “All my friends are underground.”The production of the album is very clean. My personal favourites include the more electro-pop leaning “She, Untamed”. The title track delights with a surprise addition of violin. “Running Scared” ends the album with a beautiful and dramatic-sounding ballad that unfolds into a secret outro.

With Occult Delight, made an album that could be found in the past but seems fitting for the future.