[Album Review] Coeur de Pirate- Trauma
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: January 14th, 2014
Label: Dare to Care Records

Beatrice Martin of Coeur de Pirate has always had one of my favourite Canadian voices. Distinct, sweet, echoing, she brings these qualities to the covers album Trauma for a Radio-Canada TV series of the same name.

In Trauma,  Martin sings entirely in English. The most impressive part is her ability to take very era-specific and unlikely songs and gives it her own spin. This includes Bill Wither’s “Aint My Sunshine”, Nancy Sinatra’s “Summer Wine”, Patrick Watson’s “The Great Escape”. My personal favourite includes a charming cover of The Libertine’s “Music When The Lights Go Out” which I love more than the original. Other artists covered include Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones and Bon Iver. This is the fifth season of the TV show this soundtrack was recorded for and though I haven’t personally seen it, I’d assume by these covers that there are going to be tearjerking moments in this medical drama. I could totally imagine that cover of Pearl Jam’s “Last Kiss” in a scene where someone lost their child to a car crash.

Long-time collaborator Renaud Bastien plays guitar, lapsteel, percussion, organ/piano and voice on the album. Cello moments are from the lovely Chloe Dominguez. There are still the intimate piano-accompanied only moments like in Billy Currington’s “Lucille”.

Though the lyrics may not have belonged to Martin, she takes each song and reworked it in a way that makes it her own. If a listener was not familiar with the original songs, Trauma could quite believably be a third album from Coeur de Pirate.