by Tiana Feng

I returned from winter hibernation to kick off the year at The Silver Dollar’s second show in the Class of 2014 series. While subway construction rendered me unable to stay for Fresh Snow, I was able to see Anamai, Del Bel and MASS.

Anna Mayberry from HSY led her new project Anamai with slow shoegazey jams. I also recognized Allie Blumas from Doomsquad on secondary vocals and percussion. Seating on a stool Mayberry took her times with the mellow tunes creating an atmosphere that seemed intimate despite the growing number of people in the room.

For some reason I always forget how impressed I am with Del Bel each time I see them. Lisa Conway’s vocals were smooth, sexy, confident and convincing, so much that I completely ignored the fact that she occasionally read lyrics from her notebook. We were treated to a few new tunes and the audience received them gratefully, many complimenting Conway on her lovely voice after the set. I’m glad I caught them this time because it will be a while before they perform in Toronto again.

Mass was the band I was previously unfamiliar with that night but the punksters surprised with a completely different type of set. A group of people even began to mosh in the squishy venue. They are definitely ones to watch out for this year if you’re into heavier genres. These guys do it pretty effortlessly.

All in all I had a good night which is always expected at a Wavelength show. They know how to pick out the most intriguing acts.