by Tiana Feng
10. Brasstronaut- The Grove

Based on a true story from Edo’s past. A close family friend (and criminal lawyer) had been laundering money for the cartel.


9.  PUP- Reservoir

What seems like a live performance turns violently bloody.


8. Dominique Fricot- Our Last Song

This dude changes his clothes like 850 times.


7. Hilary Grist- Silver Lining

Adorable paper crafts tell the story of this song.


6. Said the Whale- I Love You

Said the Whale go MXC and it’s quite funny.


Teen Daze- New Life

This video is a reply to “Stay” which was shot five years ago and shows how much can change over a few years.


4. Evening Hymns- Song to Sleep To

This song has turned into a mini animated short by French artist Gaelle Legrand.


3. Mac DeMarco- My Kind of Woman

The song suddenly becomes more than a lovesong in this video where DeMarco crossdresses.


2. Black Paw Society- Yeti

Action figures have a dance-off.


1. Majical Cloudz- Childhood’s End

Welsh’s dad stars in this brilliant and touching video.