by Tiana Feng
As always, I wait until the new year to post all our year end lists. Let’s start with the most popular tunes (by visits) of 2013. A lot of these are what you might not have expected. This is a great way to find out what you’ve been missing!

20. SolarSolar- I Can’t Find You | post

19. Teagan Johnston- Winter’s Child | post

18. Sam Roberts Band- We’re All In This Together | post

17. Arcade Fire- Afterlife | post

16. Zeus- Refusal To Die | post

15. BA Johnston- As I Am In Tim Hortons, I Realize I Hate Tim Hortons | post

14. In-Flight Safety- Destroy | post

13. Rae Spoon- I Will Be A Wall | post

12. Purity Ring- Grammy (Soulja Boy Cover) | post

11. Diamond Rings – Runaway Love (Gold Fields Remix) | post

10. The Zolas- Invisible | post

9. Blue Hawaii- Try To Be | post

8. Sex With Strangers- Behaviours | post

7. Half Moon Run- Unofferable | post

6. Corinna Rose- Green Mountain Slate | post

5. Young Galaxy- New Summer | post

4. Said the Whale- I Love You | post

3. Groenland- Immune | post

2. Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless- Carolina | post

1. Alejandra Ribera- I Want | post