by Tiana Feng

Today I woke up to the news that Chromewaves, one of my favourite music blogs has published its final post. I’ve been a frequent reader of the blog for over 6 years. I had begun this love affair of independent music sometime in University. I had just started a degree in classical music, but yet never thought I fit in with my peers enough to chat music with them. I read a lot of music blogs. This was at the height of Hype Machine’s popularity, when there weren’t like thousands of blogs competing for attention. I liked Frank’s blog because he was funny, and because there was actually something to read. They were always thoughtful posts, never just an mp3 for the sake of getting published.

Anyways since I didn’t have anybody to talk to about music, I started my own blog in 2008. It wasn’t this one. It was hosted on blogspot and in 2010, it got annihilated along with hundreds of music blogs hosted on Google’s platform. Then I switched over to WordPress and Ride the Tempo was born. All the time I read Chromewaves and ogled over his concert photos. It wasn’t until 2011 that dad bought the family’s first DSLR and I would steal it to take my very first concert photos. I paid for a bunch of those shows, but some of them I had won from Chromewaves. I’d see who I thought was Frank Yang (the dude behind Chromewaves) and literally ran away from anxiety because I didn’t know how to approach people and be like “HI I KNOW YOU FROM THE INTERNETZ”. I thought he was this very important person who would never talk to me, so I idoled him from afar.

I remember in 2010, We Listen For You hosted a contest that featured The Pass’ video “Vultures” which featured a house party that referenced 39 music blogs. I won second place in the music blog naming contest. I was so excited that Chromewaves was one of those blogs. It meant that people would actually notice a blog from Canada enough to reference them in a music video and I wanted to be just like him. It also implied he sat among the “elite” music blogs. Maybe that’s why I was too scared to talk to him, I thought he would be pretentious and ignore a newbie. But he was anything but that. I finally said “hi” at some music blog panel talk thing and then ran away. It wasn’t until sometime last year that I found the courage to go to music blog brunch and met Frank for real (along with a bunch of other great people). Since then, I’ve been to his birthday party, his house for brunches and took down a CMW guy for not letting us in to see CHVRCHES. This is the reason I’m no longer afraid to approach people at shows.

Chromewaves will be missed. To this date I’ve been a frequent reader and photo stalker. Frank taught me to develop my own blog voice (here and elsewhere). He inspired me to photograph concerts, which has now resulted in many paid gigs. Thank you Frank, I’ll continue to take photos of bearded dudes in shitty light just for you.