[Album Review] Dog Day- Fade Out
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: December, 10th, 2013
Label:Fun Dog

Dog Day are Halifax duo (and couple) Seth Smith  Nancy Urich. I always have to remind people that year end lists should never be written in November because who knows what can be released in December. Fade Out happened to be one of those albums.

I hope the album title does not elude to the band’s final days. Others have predicted that it might be as they are expecting a child. If there’s any growth between Fade Out and Deformer,  it is that Dog Day became even more confident with who they are and what they want their sound to be. The sludgy “Blackhead” with a moody guitar solo at the 3 minute mark opens up the album. “Wasted” sings an earwormy chorus, “I’ve wasted my life with you” and continuing the accusations with a repetition of the word “you”.

A lot of Fade Out sits under a gloomy dark cloud, almost making it an appropriate soundtrack for Smith’s current surreal film project “Lowlife”. The movie is described as, “the surreal tale of one woman’s quest to outlast a living drug.” Just listen to the creepy manner of “In Another Life” as it sings, “he will help her feel alright”. It replicates the mood of the flick.

Despite all this, “Get High” is not about a drug trip, but physically growing and elevating oneself higher, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. For those in search of classic rock tunes with great hooks, Dog Day delivers, never lacking energy. “Alone With You” presents fast licks that will convince you to court the band. The sound of panting begins the grungey “Leave Your Body”. It’s quite sexual with Smith creepily proclaiming, “I’m inside”  and Urich replying with, “I don’t mind”. The sexual references continue in the bizarre tune “Sandwich”. All their friends are described as sandwiches and Urich asks, “who am I eating this time?”

Dog Day leaves us with “Before Us” reminiscing about good times and also declaring, “It’s not over yet”. So all you who thought this is Dog Day’s last album, you are probably wrong and I can’t wait for what is next.