by Tiana Feng



Release Date: November 12th, 2013
Label: Last Gang Entertainment

Death from Above 1979’s Sebastien Grainger set out to produce a pop record and he did just that in his solo effort Yours to Discover. Taken from DFA’s repertoire is his undeniable ability to write pop hooks and the dwelling on relationships gone wrong.

The album begins with a somber “Overture” which is quite pointless and does not transition well into the guitar-rock “Waking Up Dead”. The following “The Streets Are Still A Mess” sways with Michael Jackson swagger. 80s pop groves decorate the majority of the tracks, the most memorable being “Your Body Works”. This song in particular is like an anthem for horny teenage boys (and girls).

I find the latter half of the album fails to hold retention as much as the first. Maybe because the sound doesn’t seem to vary much song to song. Ending Yours to Discover is a funeral-esque Finale that is as unfitting as the Overture which began it.