[Album Review] Mark Berube- Russian Dolls
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by Tiana Feng


Releas Date: November 5th, 2013
Label: Bonsound

Montreal singer-songwriter Mark Berube is joined by Kristina Koropecki on cello, autoharp and backing vocals to create his ornate fifth album Russian Dolls.

This definitely isn’t your regular bare bones acoustic singer-songwriter material. The songs are very rich, and also another LP touched by the hands of Jace Lasek (of the Besnard Lakes). Cello beautifully accompanies the opening “Russian Doll”, though the chorus is a little bit buried by the instruments.

Each track on the album takes on a slightly different character. “Confessions of a Streetlight” follows offering crisp vocals set to a ballroom dancing melody. “Carnival” is sung in a recitative style, quickly advancing thee plot of the song with repetitive notes. There’s also the tribal “Ethiopia”, lo-fi starting “Mississippi Prom” and drum-machine ladened “The Good, The Bad and the Photograph”. Despite all these differences, everything is tied together through Berube’s effortless vocals and the overall warmth of the album.