[Album Review] We Were Lovers- Pyramids
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: November 19th, 2013
Label: Independent

Saskatoon synth-pop duo We Were Lovers recently released their full length debut Pyramids.

The album invites you to the dance floor right from the electric opening “Rock With Me”. You can almost picture singer Elsa Gebremichael singing on a dance floor and inviting everyone over. She flirts with you below a disco ball in “Jealous Lovers” and “Hunger For You”.

All over the album you hear the lusting, “I am a version of you, you are a version of me in different bodies” sings “Bodies”. 80s dance vibes make their way to “Dream Invaders”. Ash Lamothe created an inviting atmosphere with all the easily loveable guitar, bass, synth lines. There’s nothing particularly different about Pyramids but it is guaranteed to be a groovy time.