[Album Review] Kashka- Bound
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: November 5th, 2013
Label: Play the Triangle

Vichada deemed Kashka an electro-pop project of Forest City Lovers’ Kat Burns but the follow-up Bound proves otherwise, introducing more instruments to the mix.

In Bound we hear reminders of Forest City Lovers in folk-leaning tunes like “Maybe It’s Time” and “Gibraltar”. That is not to say Bound is not as dance-worthy, because it totally is. Check out the beat drops in “Prophet” , the upbeat “Never Had It” or “Grain of Salt”. Bound is more organic sounding in a way that was missing from Kashka’s previous work. “Body Like Lead” bemoans the past-love that the first two tracks pushed aside.

Much of the instrumental elements is thanks to musician friends which include members of Bruce Peninsula, Bernice, the Bicycles, Ohbijou and Tokyo Police Club. “We Let the Shadow” even features Neil Haverty of Bruce Peninsula playing a gritty duet partner.

Bound at its essence is about moving on from the past but at the same time learning from the journey. Kat Burns has done exactly that with Kashka in Bound, weaving the best parts of Forest City Lovers into her new found love for electronica.