by Tiana Feng


Release Date: November 5th, 2013
Label: Bedroomer

First Rate People released their first full-length album Everest  last week. Their Bandcamp page has a lot of singles and smaller releases but this indeed is the first LP from the group.

Though at its core, First Rate People are the brainchild of Jonathan Lawless and Liam Sanagan, “Everest” seems to rotate between different vocalists and styles. The tunes all hold a common theme of catchy phrases and themes of being young and in love. I mean what grown people say things like, “I wanna be yours forever” (“Three Ordinary Words”) and “You had the nicest car, you had the nicest voice” (“Roman Candles”).

The previously revealed “You Won’t Get This Joke At All” is one of the album’s strongest tracks with Anna Hovarth’s sunny vocals. Mary Cassidy’s vocals, which are clearly different from Hovarth’s questions what a man would do for her in “The Sweet Hereafter”. It sways between styles from the dance worthy “Loose Cannon” to the ballad of”I Don’t Mind”. Of course an indie-pop album is incomplete without “whoa-oh”s in the melody (“Saint Lawrence”).

Though it’s not overly ambitious like a climb atop Everest, it is a pick-me-up record for anybody trying to climb mountains figuratively or literally.