by Nilabjo Banerjee


Release Date: October 29th, 2013
Label: Independent

The Almighty Rhombus are indie-rock quintet with the Drake brothers (the other Drake has NO brothers). They are here to give us ol’ school flavour of indie-rock in small doses with their debut full length, Lucid Living.

The album acts as a blast from the past, with sounds morphing from psychedelic sounds to gritty garage rock of the 60s with hints of 80s new wave and 90s power pop. That ain’t easy to do. Yet, the instrumentation and vocals blend in astutely. “Down South” has a hint of new wave fused with punk rock. That is followed by the single “Blank” featuring the psychedelic guitar tones and low-range vocals taking you to the streets of sunny California in the 60s. The musical journey continues through the harsh guitar sounds and distorted vocals in “House Burns Down” and “Fluorescent” and landing on pop gems like witty “Vacation” and alt-rock sounds of “No I Won’t”. Before you dismiss them as derivative, take the time to appreciate the impressive blend of instrumentation and vocals that match the genres of the different eras. Nothing feels out of place or trying too hard. Did I mention the album is self-produced and independently released? That is (al)mighty good production for a debut album!

Lucid Living is an album that you can give your kid (or younger brother or sister) that will expose em to the music when the music was good. The high energy tracks complimented by simple yet witty lyrics make this a great listen. To me, The Almighty Rhombus has proven 2 things: there is strength in geometry & I don’t need to go across the pond to get my fix of vintage indie rock!