[Album Review] Texture and Light- The Hard Problem Of Consciousness
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: November 5th, 2013
Label: Independent

Texture and Light is an electronic dream-rock band from Powell River, BC led by frontman Trevor Refix. The Hard Problem of Consciousness is the groups debut effort.

Refix actually sent me the vinyl for the album a few months ago and the music works nicely on digital and analog mediums. There’s a hint of bedroom production in each song, that is a little more complex and stays interesting. Every song has its own unique beats tied together with Refix’s distinct vocals. There is something about it that does remind me of Owl City’s Adam Young, especially in the song “Let’s go Let Go”.  Thankfully, he’s not singing about fireflies.

The album subjects deal with a complicated love, but constantly does reflect on the better times. “A Quiet Place” asks, “if you’re never going to change/then why are you always dreaming?” Most of the songs sound like they can be made for everyone’s secret bedroom dance floor. The synths in “Electric Behavior” create a space-like atmosphere, the other-worldly experience created by whatever drugs popped to make the aforementioned pupils dilate. “17 + Heather” has a grungey rock feel that is made brighter by the wobbling synths.

The album may be called The Hard Problem of Consciousness, but there’s no problem staying conscious while listening to Texture & Light.