[Album Review] Saxsyndrum- Future Circus
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: October 31st, 2013
Label: Independent

Saxsyndrum is Montreal electro-jazz duo Nick Schofield and David Switchenko. Their latest effort Future Circus gives us a taste of what the two are about.

The album clocks in at under 30 minutes with seven tracks, each featuring a different guest. Each tune has a unique danceable feel as created by the special guest. A K U A’s vocables in “Give Thanks” provides a tribal feel. “Heartstrings” mixes in the playful electronic style of Holobody and “Lace Up” welcomes Armen at the Bazaar’s electropop project Bazarian. There is an airiness in “Les Belles Nanas” established by Emma Frank’s gentle vocals.

What ties everything together are the seemingly live saxophones which are bright and full of character. There’s no actual lyrics in Future Circus and the voices treated like atmospheric elements. Schofield and Switchenko do a good job of mixing the organics with electronic for a unique experience, like the circus of the future which may have robots along with lions.