[Album Review] Megan Bonnell- Hunt and Chase
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: October 15th, 2013
Label: Nevado Records

After breaking into the scene with 2011 EP Maps, Megan Bonnell has finally released Hunt and Chase, her first full-length album.

The opener “Coming Home” sums up the album well with its dreamy echoes . The introspective atmospheric production is thanks to Chris Stringer (Timber Timber, Snowblink) and Joshua Van Tassel.

The majority of the tunes follow the build-up to end sort of attitude. “Stars” transforms from acoustic folk tune into a upbeat call-and-response. “Say My Name” is a lovely piano ballad and I enjoyed that the vocals take on the rhythmic melody of the piano. However, the high notes as backing vocals in the end are a bit obtrusive and take away from the overall effect. Thankfully the following “I’m Not Your Woman” makes up for it.

“We Are Strangers Now” has a daydreaming quality as Bonnell reinforces the fact that two people have drifted. This point also comes across in the closer “This is The Way For Us” , with hopeful vocables and the final sounds of footsteps walking away.