[Album Review] Basia Bulat- Tall Tall Shadow
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: October 1st, 2013
Label: Secret City Records

It’s been three years since the release of folk songstress Basia Bulat’s Heart of My Own. It was that album that turned me on to Bulat. Her naturally powerful vocals had an endearing vulnerable quality. Tall Tall Shadow is a little more atmospheric, subtly explores electronics but never in a way that overbears her effortless vocals.

The opening title track is an anthem about facing the dark demons. Musically, it avoids being depressing but rather uplifting, giving off the feeling of overcoming the darkness. It’s the general idea that is reiterated throughout the album though Bulat allows herself to scream her pain out in “Never Let Me Go”.

Autoharp still makes its appearance in “Promise Not to Think About Love”, while synths and drum machines are also explored throughout the reassuring “Someone”). However, Bulat’s strengths are in the more minimalistic, like the charango-accompanied “It Can’t Be You” and the light-hearted “Paris or Amsterdam”. To close the album, she chooses to remember the lost ones in the piano accompanied “From Now On”. While Tall Tall Shadow didn’t quite hit me the way Heart of My Own did, Bulat’s music is always worth every moment.