by Nilabjo Banerjee
If quirky songs paired with wide variety of instruments turns you on, then you should give Vancouver’s own Jordan Klassen a listen. Touring behind the newly released Repentance on Toronto’s indie label Nevado Records, Jordan was in town with his four-piece band to wow the new fans and satisfy the current ones.
Starting the night off was Emilie Mover, also on Nevado, who only needed a guitar, her earnest and captivating voice and rad black jacket to hold the attention of the room. You may also recognize her as the voice of the song from the Dodge Commercial. Her cheeky songs about love and heartbreak paired with her humorous banter was charming. The highlight of the set was Emilie’s rendition of Jorge Ben Jor’s “Chove Chuva”. Yep! She did a cover of a Portugese song!

As the crowd was filling in, Jordan and co started their act with “Balcony”. The ukele-banjo pairing, wicked harmonies and quirky a capella ending let the new fans know that Jordan wasn’t your average singer/songwriter. Having listened to the album few times, I was nervous how the rich and complex orchestration of the songs would translate live. Those fears were replaced by awe after listening to highlights such as the “Go To Me”and “The Horses are Stuck”.

Throughout the set, Jordan had the demeanour of a restless and nervous child. There were times when he would prance around with the mandolin.  Yet, when asking people to buy the music at the back, he got sheepish. He didn’t hold back when introducing the band, presenting bassist Mike Edel as the guy who stops to smell the roses and the roses like it. That`s comedy gold!

Vancouver music scene has been consistent in producing catchy indie pop and rock. Jordan Klassen is here to let you know that it’s possible to have fun with ukulele and mandolins.

Stream the new full length Repentance HERE