by Ani Hajderaj

Shaz H. & Mike Maturine

Shaz H. & Mike Maturine

Universities and colleges take pride in the frosh activities that take place on the first week of school. Most of the events associated with frosh are there to build a community among the students while keeping school spirit alive.

It goes without saying electronic music has made a big explosion in pop culture, the mainstream music industry and Toronto has always welcomed this style of music for the past few decades. This year, there has been an influx of international DJs being booked to spin at frosh parties around Toronto.

My Apollo organized the first outdoor festival targeted towards university and college students across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. On the same grounds as other big Toronto festivals, Toronto Frosh Festival brought together thousands of students from all different schools to celebrate frosh at Ontario Place.

“Organizing a festival of this magnitude is not a walk in the park,” Mike Maturine said.

Maturine has been promoting all-ages events since 2004. His partner Shaz H. also has experience in the all-ages market dating back to 2003. Both of them came together to organize a festival that was successful among post secondary students in Toronto.

“I live uptown, but I moved downtown for a month just so I could be closer to everything. We could communicate better because Shaz lives downtown,” he said.

Maturine was able to attend meetings with his partner with more convenience because he was closer to the offices.

“I compared it to certain actors, when they play a role in a movie they’re called method actors; even when they’re not filming they’re still embodying the role they play because they want it to get it right,” he says.

One of the biggest challenges Shaz encountered were unexpected fees they had to pay in order for the festival to happen.

“There is a lot of money on the line that you might not get back. To top it off there was insurance, you would have never thought you had to pay for insurance for your event. You are also dealing with the vendors, the sponsors and the production team. But now that we know what needs to be done we know what to expect in the future,” he explained.
The line-up for the festival included Dzeko & Torres, Madeon and 3lau(pronounced Blau). All three artists have a large appeal to the young crowd and 3lau has a reputation of being involved with colleges in his tour.

“We did a lot of surveys and research for the line-up,” Shaz says.

They had limited options for DJs because a lot of them were already booked for Ibiza and other international dance music hotspots and so the line-up was the most relevant for the market they were going after.

The Toronto Frosh Festival will be happening again next year, for more details visit the official website at