[Album Review] Phedre- Golden Age
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: October 1st, 2013
Label: Daps Records

Daniel Lee and April Aliermo have been quite busy this year. They’ve released Gravez with their alt-rock project Hooded Fang and recently Golden Age through their more electronic geared, Phedre.

“Infinity Chamber” serves as a band intro as the only lyrics are “Phedre”. The duo’s live shows are frequently billed as “The Phedre Experience” so this will be an appropriate tune to use as an intro. Lee and Aliermo got more serious this record. It’s not all about partying. They are here to send messages. “Atomic Love” underlies environmental issues, “Ancient Nouveau” is an ode to First Nations People and “Too Many Lashes” speaks out against misogyny. There is still some fun tunes like the teasing “You can try and catch me” chorus of “Super Natural” and a trip to outer space (“Haberdash”). As always they’re not afraid to experiment. “Aquarius” goes from spazzing to a slow chorus.

While I appreciate that Lee and Aliermo’s care of social issues in their recent releases (Phedre & Hooded Fang), I sort of miss the party and the I don’t give a fuck attitude that runs true in their earlier releases.

*Update* Phedre reacted to this review by giving some insight on what a few of the songs are about