[Album Review] Boreal Sons- Threadbare
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: October 1st, 2013
Label: Self-released

Calgary’s Boreal Sons are back with more piano-driven rock with Threadbare. Introducing the album is instrumental song “Bloom”, letting the piano and strings blossom for almost 4 minutes.

“Sparks” follows with the vocals of Evan Wesley Acheson containing the laid back gentle quality of Patrick Watson’s music. Threadbare is about recognizing mistakes and growing them. “Refrain” reiterates this with the repetition of “your refrain/I can change”.

The harmonies of the group ventures away from traditional major/minor at times into more dissonant modes, adding drama to tracks like “The Falconer”. By far, my favourite track is the minimalistic “Secret Keeper” which itself is as “threadbare and naked” as the song sings. Vulnerability is attractive.

Throughout the album you can escape into the individual fragments, which are beautiful – the shimmering piano lines, the violin vibrato, the sunrise-like trumpet, Acheson’s sweet vocals – but as a whole, there’s too much going on constantly to gain an organic connection with the listener.