[Album Review] Jordan Klassen- Repentance
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Release Date: September 24th, 2013
Label: Nevado Records

I’ve only ever seen Jordan Klassen perform alone, so I was pleasantly surprised by the rich orchestration in his new album Repentance. Instruments include violins, xylophone, choir, ukelele, piano, omnichord, trombone, lap steel and more.

The highlight of the album is the opener “Sweet Chariot” which welcomes us with open arms to repent a long with Klassen. He then tests his vocal range (to both degrees) in the emotional “Piano Brother”, which becomes a sort of fugue in the middle. “The Horses are Stuck” is playful in both the ukulele plucking and low “humming”. The song later teases with the line, “come undress me now.”

Despite that little sexual play, there’s a sort of religious undertone and a lot of allusions to light, darkness and candles (particularly “Ranchero”). The acoustic “Strengthen Me with Raisins” references the religious Song for Solomon 2:5. “Go To Me”, which received earnest radio play still sparkles and holds strong as Klassen reassures a sick person. The instrumental “May is Blood Month” rings luminously despite the drab title.

Repentance is full of hope, assurance , warmth, echoed until the final lines, “Come away from nothing I can show you/come away from nowhere, I will loan you.”