[Album Review] Born Gold- I Am An Exit
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date:October 8th, 2013
Label: Crash Symbols

When I interviewed Cecil Frena, he talked about the new album going pop and man, did he deliver. I am An Exit is like an escape to a wonderful candy land melody-wise.

Contrastingly, if you dig deeper into the lyrics, it is much darker than the colourful music. The opener “Abdomen” sings, “First he hit you, than you forgot it.” The album has a general theme of unstable (but obsessive) love, which borders domestic abuse. “Boy Foundry” asks, “Am I too weak to be wicked? I hope you never know.” “Butcher” closes the album asking, “Young love, how will you know that my gifts are tiny violence?” fading out to a deep drum.

However I Am An Exit is irresistible. “Hunger” is a catchy single, the sparkling synths just as seductive as the melody. “Gasoline Bath” recalls Little Sleepwalker’s  experimentation. The beats also resembles house music, making it a dance-floor worthy tune. Some may critique Frena’s albums for being inconsistent but I Am An Exit is the perfect amalgamation of the single-fuelled Bodysongs and the more experimental Little Sleepwalker. Other writers may frequently compare Frena to peers like Purity Ring and Grimes, but in my opinion Frena’s different. Album to album has proved that he doesn’t try to be anyone but himself and I Am An Exit is the best to date.

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