[Album Review] Said the Whale- hawaiii
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by Nilabjo Banerjee


Release Date: September 17th, 2013
Label: Hidden Pony Records

OK Computer. Born to Run. Songs for the Deaf.

What do they have in common? These are the albums that defined careers for Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen and Queen of the Stone Age. For Said the Whale, hawaiiicertainly has the potential to reach a similar landmark.

The album has it all. If mellow tracks with killer harmonies are your thing, then the opener, “More than This” might get you excited. Then again, if you are a fan of the band and their previous works, you would want your dose of contagious indie pop anthems. And hawaiii has few standouts in that category such as “Mother” and “I Love You”, the current single burning up the airwaves across the country. The dual vocals of Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester have never been better. The contrast, and the ability to blend together gave me constant eargasms during my repeat listens, especially in “Narrows”.

Every album has tracks where the band pushes their boundaries to test how much they can get away with before everyone reacts with what the fuck? The track is usually near the closer or released separately as a B-side. Said the Whale had the balls to put that track right in the middle with “Resolution”. The song has more of a retro sound to it, and ends with few verses of rap before fading out. Yep, I did say rap.

The album closes with “Weight of the Season”. With the passionate vocals, honest lyrics (“its weight of the season/ darkness downpressing on me”) and soothing horns, the track is worth not skipping. That’s saying a lot for a closer.

Do yourself a favour. Buy the album, grab a good pair of headphones, press playand go for a walk on a sunny day (while we still have them). Most albums have hits and misses. With hawaiii,there are no misses.

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