[Album Review] Jef Barbara- Soft to the Touch
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: September 30th, 2013
Label: Club Roll Music

Jef Barbara’s Soft to the Touch is a collection of minimal electro-guitar-driven-pop with a tinge of eerie atmosphere.

There’s an overt sexiness, obsession to the lyrics. The lyrics to the title track, “Soft to the touch, hard as a rock” couldn’t get any more obvious. Stereolab singer Laetita Sadier joins in on “Chords” singing, “They won’t run, they won’t stray” an egocentric love song. Bilingualism take its part in “Credit d’amour”, switching between both French and English in an almost-buoyant tune, except for the tension created by dissonant notes. You never really know what you’re going to get next song to song. The low voice of “Technic is Fun” freaked me out the first time. Also, if anyone ever gets mad at me for being late, I should play them “I Know I’m Late” and the spirits of both sides would be completely lifted. “Amour ardent” is a Bowie-esque song, completely whispered in French (the language of love right?).Soft to the Touch is engaging, creepy, freaky and a whole lot of fun at the same time.