[Album Review] The Darcys- Warring
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: September 17th, 2013
Label: Arts & Crafts

I was never completely sold on the Darcys in their first two releases, the shoegazey self-titled nor the Steely Dan interpretations in AJA. However, their third release Warring has changed my mind.

Warring is more structure and deliberate, each member playing on their strengths. “Close to Me” opens with Jason Course’s crooning words, “I started a war”, while a synth adds some light in the gloom. Course turns to a beautiful falsetto in “Hunting” and Wes Marshall’s explosively fast drumming take on “Itchy Blood”. The single “River” dangles in confusion both musically and lyrically: “Are you, are you reaching out?/ Stop, stop”.

Individual sounds are also clearer than they were on the self-titled. This is in part due to the stellar production of Tom McFall and Dave Schiffman. There’s a lot of things going on throughout Warring, but it never becomes cloudy, dropping the “shoegaze” that was used to describe the band prior to this album. The slow-burning “Lost Dogfights” ends the album with semi-prominent piano and choiresque backing vocals. Everything fades slowly in the end, like the aftermath of battle, the dust floating away into the wind.

The album is available for FREE via Steamwhistle until October 1st.