by Nash Bussieres


Saturday, September 14th marked the date of KC Roberts and the Live Revolution’s third Funk Resistance party at the Annex Wreckroom. They played an exhaustive double set of funk tunes to promote their new, crowdsourced album “Parkdale Funk 2: Sides.”

I said it when I covered their set during CMW this year and I’ll say it again: KCLR is easily the tightest live band in the city and their rhythm section possibly the most technical I’ve ever seen. Ever. While everyone in the band had the chance at one point or another to shred their instrument to pieces – trading tasteful solos left and right – there was a sense of humility and respect between the members. No solo felt self-indulgent and no member tried to steal the show. There is a binding camaraderie between these fine folks and it translates beautifully into their music. Missing them on stage is one of the biggest disservices you can do to yourself if you are a music fan in the GTA.

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