[Album Review] Jessy Lanza- Pull My Hair Back
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: September 10th, 2013
Label: Hyperdub

Hamilton native Jessy Lanza is the latest addition to UK’s Hyperdub label. Her debut Pull My Hair Back is a clever collaboration with Junior Boys producer Jeremy Greenspan.

What amazes me is that despite Lanza’s name on the project, she gives plenty of creative space for Greenspan to shine. “5785021” demonstrates the perfect fusion between the two. Lanza confidently sings with falsetto over textured and reverberating synths that continuously change ever few bars.

The lead single “Kathy Lee” was originally what turned me on to Lanza. Her vocals are breathy against the almost bare patter of shakers and hand snaps. For a debut record, it shows great tenacity to deliberately be so naked. “Fuck Diamond” starts with iterations of a sample saying, “It’s war weather.” For a while, there are no other words besides Lanza occasionally yelling “fuck diamond” percussively, as if a part of Greenspan’s beats. Both parts of the duo are appropriately mobile on “Keep Moving”, arguably the more layered and complicated of the tracks, keeping things interesting in the album’s half-way point. Repeating vocal lines and 80s-style synths add icy mystery to “Against A Wall” and the sultry “Pull My Hair Back”. These are tunes straight out of a sex scene. If this is Lanza’s debut, I’m seriously excited for what there is to come.