[Album Review] Royal Canoe- Today We're Believers
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: September 3rd, 2013
Label: Nevado Records

Today We’re Believers is the long awaited album from Winnipeg 6 piece Royal Canoe. They’re eccentric, uncharacterizable and quite weird so I sat with the record for a bit, ate it up, digested and enjoyed it.

The 12 songs take on all different forms. The styles can leap from the hypnotic title track to the groovy R&B tinged “Button Fumbla”, the country flare of “Show Me Your Eyes” and the syncopated rhythms of “Just Enough”. Beneath it all, there are still pop-sensibilities hold most in “Hold on to the Metal’s” descending chorus and the single “Bathtubs”.

The songs are relatively long, leaving a ton of room for experimentation and expansion. “Night Crawlin” crawls along in the low hip-hop-like vocals of “Button Fumbla” in the beginning before becoming a full out indie-rock jam.  Closer “If I Had a House” is the longest with frontman Matt Peters sporting manic vocals ruminating about that one lost chance. Instead of exploding off, the song fades into church-like “oos”. I don’t know what they’re suddenly believers in, but I think I’m a believer in Royal Canoe.