[Album Review] Fevers- No Room For Light
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: August 27th, 2013
Label: Independent

Fevers recruited producer Laurence Currie whose credits include Holy Fuck, Sloan and Wintersleep for their debut album No Room For Light.

Sarah Bradley opens the album with the ballad, “Autumn’s Dead” showing off her vocal range. Synths are alive in songs like “Pray For Sound” and the addictive “Dance Cry Dance”, the two singles that have been released so far. However, my favourite moments of the album aren’t the electropop fuelled moments, but the more atmospheric (“Monuments”, “Angelie”) where there’s more focus and less razzle dazzle. Colin MacDougall takes vocal reigns in “ENFP” but running synths distract. The best parts are when everything (vocals, synths) are in perfect balance like the comforting “Goodnight” and the piano and xylophone accompanied closer “The Veil”.

Stream the entire album on Soundcloud.