[Album Review] Ketamines- You Can't Serve Two Masters
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by Tiana Feng

Release Date: August 20th, 2013
Label: Southpaw / Mammoth Cave

You may know Ketamines as the band that the Slagging Off guy is in. I admit that I had not heard of them before that whole fiasco so I expected them to be some shitty angry punk band.

I got quite the surprise from their latest You Can’t Serve Two Masters, as they exceed my expectations. The music is animated, lo-fi summery-pop that is almost kind of cute. It’s hard to hate them with songs like “Thank Me Forever”, a song that sweetly proclaims love in the simplest way possible, “I love you”, with the simplest melody possible and yet, I love it. They have mastered the ability to write tongue-and-cheek lyrics that work. “Come Inside” and “Patients” tease with addictive vocal hooks. The former being mostly vocables. The title track “You Can’t Serve Two Masters” and “Spirit Rebellion Time” play with classic guitar hooks as an integral part of the song’s structure.

With the exception of the final track (“Thank Me Forever”), the songs clock in around 2:30, just enough to flirt with you (“Don’t’ Stop”), get your attention and leave you hanging, like the jerk of a high school (ex)boyfriend.